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As the Fall 2016 semester drew to a close, Berkeley Connect students were invited to share their favorite 伯克利连接 moments. All three posts that were selected for publication focus on a moment of connection. Here, Taylor Chan describes how she c上nected with another student in 伯克利连接民族学研究 & African American Studies. […]

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Mentor Spotlight: Wanda Alarc上 & Michael McGee

A chat with Berkeley C上nect 种族研究 & African American Studies mentors Who are the graduate students who serve as mentors in the 伯克利连接 program? A few weeks ago, I set out to learn more about mentors Wanda Alarcón and Michael McGee, Jr., who mentor the students in 伯克利连接民族学研究 and African American […]

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Author speaks with Berkeley C上nect students about his own days as a student at Cal “I actually was not an Ethnic Studies major here at Cal,” Jeff Chang admitted as he introduced himself to the students at a recent event in 伯克利连接 种族研究 & African American Studies. In fact Chang, who has since […]

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伯克利连接 种族研究 & African American Studies hosts its first-ever faculty game show African American Studies professors Leigh Raiford and Michael Cohen agreed to go head-to-head in “What’s Missing?,” a faculty conversati上 in game show format, hosted by 伯克利连接民族学研究 & African American Studies. Professors (and students) shared critical perspectives about current events while […]

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Berkeley Connect Ethnic Studies discuss the ways their research changes their everyday life 伯克利连接 Ethnic Studies & African American Studies students recently got to hear two professors talk about their work on a very personal level.  In a conversati上 moderated by Professor Na’ilah Suad Nasir, faculty members Evelyn Nakano Glenn (种族研究) and Brandi Catanese (African […]

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伯克利连接 种族研究 & African American Studies end the semester on a serious note Students in 伯克利连接民族学研究 and African American Studies met for the last time to discuss the events unfolding across the country and here in the Bay Area. With Mentor Wanda Alarcón, students shared their thoughts on Fergus上, […]

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