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We invited students participating in Berkeley Connect in Fall 2015 to enter our Berkeley Connect Student Voice Contest and share with us a memorable experience they had in Berkeley Connect. The second of two winning entries was written by Elizabeth Ellis-Falik, a senior majoring in Integrative Biology who participated in 伯克利连接 in Envir上mental Science, Policy & […]

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我们邀请参加在伯克利的学生在2015年秋季连接进入我们的大学伯克利分校的学生连接语音比赛,并与我们分享一个难忘的经验,他们在伯克利连接了。前两个获奖作品的作者是沙龙弗洛雷斯,在社会学的资深主修。在这样一个大的校园之中,我常常感到冷落。 [...]

继续阅读 。 。 。 我最喜欢的伯克利连接时刻